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Lee Newell at work

Lee Newell joined the industry with one goal: to provide the very best service and level of work achievable in vehicle care. With a previous career history in the automotive trade, a strong foundation was already in place to further this passion.

10 years later and with extensive training, the business grew into Farnham’s leading provider of vehicle detailing, gaining contracts with companies and individuals who demand the very highest standards. From corporate events to private collections, the level of service was unrivalled.

With a growing clientele base of both private and commercial clients, Lee now stands as one of the counties leading detailers. His knowledge and dedication has taken him beyond the realms of cars and bikes and into the marine and aviation sectors. In 2009, Lee was given the chance to become a presenter for a shopping channel on Sky, developing and selling a range of car care products into the UK market.

Vehicle detailing is my passion, so whether you have a daily driver or a cherished marque, our services are designed to offer you the most comprehensive selection to suit your needs. We are always available for advice and consultations at no charge. We can design a detail package to suit you and help look after your investment for the future.