Dream Detail - vehicle detailing specialists


Services are designed to your exacting needs and each car is quoted on an individual basis. Whether it’s a wash detail, new car protection or show car prep, all services are undertaken with the utmost care and attention at the custom-built studio in Hampshire.

All work is charged at a standard rate of £250 per day. Work requiring less time can be worked on an individual basis.

Services include…


Bodywork Detailing 1

Bodywork detailing 2

  • Paint depth readings
  • Full decontamination/fallout removal
  • Clay barring
  • Light/heavy scratch removal

Bodywork detailing 3

Bodywork detailing 4

  • Wetsanding/orange peel removal
  • Paintwork correction (marring, spiderwebbing, holograms)
  • Specialist coatings and waxing

Bodywork detailing 5

Bodywork detailing 6

  • Stone Chips
  • Trim protection
  • Chrome polishing
  • Denibbing


Wheel detailing

  • Cleaning/decontamination
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment
  • Wheel waxing/protection
  • Polishing
  • Tyre Care


Engine detailing

  • Full deep cleaning by machine or by hand
  • Trim and component protections
  • Decarbonisation
  • Touches cleaning


Interior detailing

  • Trim cleaning and protection
  • Vacuuming
  • Shampooing
  • Odour/Stain removal
  • Leather cleaning/protection
  • Trim repair
  • Glass polishing

The studio

A 2000 sq ft studio, designed with your car in mind. Colour balanced LED and tube lighting offers the perfect conditions for inspecting paintwork and defects. Ultrasonic paint depth readings are used for every car that’s machine polished. For ceramic protections and coatings, a controlled environment is key – so our studio is kept clean, ensuring that your car receives the best possible care. The studio is fully alarmed and has CCTV protecting your car at all times.