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BMW M3 rejuvenation

The BMW E46 M3 is widely credited as one of the best sports coupes ever made. 50/50 weight distribution, over 343bhp at your fingertips and iconic looks makes this car the ultimate driving machine. This particular car has a few extras too. CSL Aloy wheels and the Alcon big brake kit make this car look better and stop quicker above standard models. The customer of this car got in contact with Dream Detail to see if we could inject some life back into this tired looking example.

Not having had the car long, the customer was keen to get it to us as soon as possible. The bodywork needed an enhancement detail but the main focus was on the interior. The center console tray was removed and the customer had a second hand part ready to fit. The carpets were in a bad state and the leather steering wheel, gearknob and gear gaitor were all showing signs of grime. The glass was in need of decontamination too. The leather seats were in ok condition but the side bolsters were worn and the colour had gone, especially from the drivers side, which is a common problem for the BMW sports seats.

After an initial consultation, we decided on doing all of the above and really giving the car its best chance at rejuvenation to fit within the clients budget. The car was collected from the customer, and work promptly began. After the full decontamination wash process and cay barring, the car was given a machine polish. The interior was then tackled. As much detail as possible was given to this car and the results were clear. From the gallery images you can see the stitch work on the M3 steering wheel really showing through. The carpets were hoovered and shampooed and the leather deep cleaned and treated. The bolsters were repaired and re-coloured to match the existing patina.

The wheels were waxed and the glass was given a 3 step deep clean to really make them sparkle. The car was finished with a hybrid wax. The car was delivered back to the customer and he was delighted with the results.


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