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Lotus Elise Major Overhaul

The Lotus Elise is a real drivers car and this was no exception. As a daily driver for many years, the owner had certainly had his fair share of fun in this vehicle. It had not been washed or cared for in 5 years admits the owner. Time for Dream Detail to carry out a major overhaul.

As this car required so much work there was really only one way to attack it, a full strip down of the interior. wheels off, rear diffuser off, seats out, nearly full dash out, carpet, speaker trim the lust went on.

An in situ clean just wouldn’t have been enough and only once all this trim was removed could you really see the extent of the grime and dirt. Even the heater control cables were dried and sticky and couldn’t be operated properly This was fixed also once the dash was part removed.

This was a 3 day job and once all parts were cleaned and treated, then refitting could start. even the rear diffuser screws were replaced with shiny new chrome ones. all part of the service. The bodywork was given a polish and protected with a highly durable wax. The customer was blown away with the results and this was one great projct to undertake.

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