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  • Here is a small selection of work recently undertaken. Images are low res but higher resolutions images are available upon request. All images are property of Dream Detail Ltd

  • The Lotus Elise is a real drivers cars and this was no exception. As a daily driver for many years, the owner had certainly had his fair share of fun in this vehicle. It had not been washed or cared for in 5 years admits the owner. Time for Dream Detail to carry out a major overhaul.

  • Porsches are made to be driven and this car is no exception. Having been sat throughout a grueling winter combined with a dirt track road to its garage, this Carrera was certainly in need to help. It was clear that a 4 day detail was needed in order to bring the car back to life. The engine, interior, wheels, bodywork and arches were all needing attention

  • This Audi R8 V10 was recently given a 2 day detail to bring it back to life. With a mixture of paint conditions due to previous paintwork be carried out, the final result was even and true and the car was given a glass coating to protect the paintwork for the future.

  • This Aston Martin Vantage was sold by a dealer to a client, who wasn’t happy with the cars finish. Covered in swirls and lacking in shine, this Aston certainly didn’t look like a prestige sports car. Dream Detail was instructed to carry out a 2 day detail to bring this car back to life.

  • When a client requests something more than just the in-house valeter preparation, Dream Detail are called to assist. Every job is treated differently and every car is given the correct amount of time in order to prepare the car ready for its new owner. Here is the story of the Audi TT.

  • Here at Dream Detail, we love working on RS Audi’s and this is our latest offering. The bodywork of this car was a complete mess, with swirls and holograms galore and a dull flat paintwork that was in desperate need of attention. The owner of this car contacted us through a forum where he has seen some our previous work.

  • In Surrey, Land Rovers are an all too familiar sight. Capable of all terrains and the perfect all round vehicle for many tasks, the Land Rover is a true workhorse. Due to this nature, We find that a lot of these cars are often neglected and due to their size, they are a bigger task to clean than your average family saloon. They truly look stunning in the showroom but they don’t often stay like that for long.

  • When it comes to cars designed and produced with passion, Ferrari definitely lead the way. The 360 Challenge Stradale replaced the F355 and was later itself replaced by the F430. All new aluminium chassis, track tuned and lighter than the 355, the 360 was a very focused car and even borrowed parts from the Enzo such as the brakes. The limited run of Challenge Stradale’s make them a very desirable car and this LHD version is even rarer.

  • This Audi RS is in the rare Mauritius Blue, much sort-after and a fantastic colour. This car had a detailing history and it was imperative that it was corrected with great care. Lacquer is only so thick and as you machine polish the car, you’re taking away some of that layer each time. The owner of this car cares for it with great attention so the history of who had detailed it before and what they’d used was researched to give a clear idea as to what we had ahead of us.