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Porsche Carrera 4 Day Detail

Porsches are made to be driven and this car is no exception. Having been sat throughout a grueling winter combined with a dirt track road to its garage, this Carrera was certainly in need to help. It was clear that a 4 day detail was needed in order to bring the car back to life. The engine, interior, wheels, bodywork and arches were all needing attention.

The first job was the jack to the car up and remove all 4 wheels to gain access to the arches and rear of alloys. 2 of the Porsche centre caps were missing so luckily a pair of used ones were sourced on ebay and promptly bought. The arches on these cars are large at the rear and the lining only covers a small amount of the area so dirt and tar has many places to compact and settle in. Once complete, the wheels were replaced and the car taken off the jacks.

The interior was next and for this part of the rear seats were removed to gain better access. 2 seater Porsches have notoriously tight cabin areas and this makes for cleaning very difficult. The trick here is patience and the right crevice tools to gain access to all the little areas hidden away under seats and within door cards. The biggest change with this car was the seats. Cream leather, once dirty can often take on a colour which is goes unnoticed for long periods of time and the true colour is only noticed once cleaned properly as seen clearly here in the gallery below.

The engine and bodywork was next. A full decontamination was carried out and then a 2 step polish to bring the car back to life. The car was finished with a hybrid wax coating. The results on this car are clear and the owner was delighted with how it came out.


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