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Porsche Carrera

Porsche adopted the ‘Carrera’ name to commemorate the company’s success in the Carrera Panamericana race. The Targa and Panamera were also derived from races where Porsche had success. This 2010 Carrera was certainly a fantastic example but having only just been purchased, it was clear that the bodywork needed some attention.

This car is owned by a very good client of ours and was booked in soon after purchase for a 2 day detail. The bodywork was in fantastic condition but as is the way with dealerships, main dealerships included, the preparation of the car is always left to be desired. The car certainly had been the motions of a typical car prep, but its in these steps we find evidence of rushed work and poor craftsmanship. The car would appear to be shiny and polished but upon closer inspection, you could see that this was far from the truth. Polish residue could b found all over the car after its wash and this gives a good indication as to what areas have been polished and what areas were left unattended.

Under our specialist lighting, you could see major swirling and wash marks, mixed with burns marks form rotary polishing. All of this could be rectified and after measuring the paintwork, I could see that the car had some great potential as there was lots of clear coat to play with.

Firstly the wheels were taken off and deep cleaned. the gallery pictures show to extent of the grime build up in the arches too. Due to the design of the cars rear bumper, the rear silencers and heat shields can be seen through the rear tyres, so this was all cleaned and prepped properly.

Next the wash and decontamination process was carried out. This took longer than usual as the car was in pretty bad shape but its in the prep that the car will show greater results in the next steps.

The car was given a mixture of 2 and 3 step polishes to achieve a balanced finish throuhgout. The car yielded fantastic results and due to the cars habitat, being a weekend toy and living outside, the bodywork was sealed with a nano ceramic coating. The customer was keen to look after the car himself in between our visits so a detailing aftercare package was created and a guide to proper wash routine was sent out.


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