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1989 Mercedes 300SL

As the summer fast approaches, drivers are eager to get the hood down on their convertibles and enjoy the open road. This Mercedes 300SL is the perfect car for the driving connoisseur but was in need of that Dream Detail touch. Having recently been bought from a specialised car dealership, the owner felt that the bodywork could be improved so got in touch for a consultation.

After a walk round the vehicle with the client, and taking measurements and light readings, we could both see that the paintwork could be improved. The customer was happy with our recommendation of a day and a half detail which would solely concentrate on the bodywork, chrome work and rubber trim mouldings. As this car was a convertible, the bodywork was smaller than an average, so this gave Dream Detail a chance to make the very best of the paintwork within its thickness limits.

The wash stage and clay bar stage was very important here as the cars paintwork was original so the greatest care had to be taken to clean the pours and decontaminate the paintwork correctly. The car had many swirls and a few deeper scratches, so a 3 step polish was carried out, the first being a heavier cut, then working up to a refining stage.After the polishing stages were complete, the vehicle was then coated with a synthetic coating and then given 2 coats of a gloss booster sealant.

The chrome work was polished throughout, paying particular attention to the smallest details so that an even finish was obtained. The rubber mouldings were cleaned and then given a natural dressing to bring back the colour of the rubber, without leaving a smeary, sticky finish.

The finished results were outstanding and the gloss levels achieved were fantastic. The coating really came into play on this car as the metallic flake was gorgeous in the sunlight. The customer was very keen to learn a new wash routine and maintain the finish, so was offered an aftersales guide which gave detailed pointers as to what to do and were to buy the products used for the cars finish. All part of the Dream Detail service.


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wheel before cleaning close up of wheel and brake dust build up dust from atmosphere swirls in direct sunlight swirls in boot lid in direct sunlight wheel decomtamination process clay bar process showing grime removed from bodywork deeper scratches on rear deck masked off ready for intricate polishing scratches removed polishing right to the very edges of this intricate part close up of rear deck after second stage polish boot lid getting a nice mirror finish beautiful depth chrome polishing wear marks on front hood catch area halfway through polishing small chrome work being polished clos up of trim starting to be prepped for restoration rear quater lights area startng to look complete synthetic sealant being applied and allowing to cure nice wet look finish depth of gloss was fantastic front wing finished close up of driver a pillar area passenger door completed rear quarter completed bonnet completed wet look on drivers door area bonnet aerial area at rear completed car completed car from rear deep gloss and gorgeous wet look front wheel close up bonnet shut close up passenger door close up boot lid uner natural daylight and flood lights