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Fiat 500 enhancement detail

The Fiat 500 is by far and away one of the coolest town cars on the roads today. With universal appeal and timeless styling, this car is already an instant icon for the modern generation. This particular 500 was purchased by our client as a surprise for his teenage daughter, so the client was very keen to get the car looking its absolute best and called Dream Detail for a consultation.

The main concern with this car was evidence of overspray on the rear, rear quarter and roof areas. A sign that the car had indeed had some minor repair work carried out at some point in his history. The paint depth gauge and inspection lamps confirmed this. The rest of the car had signs of general wear and some very deep scratches so the car was booked in for a 1 day enhancement detail to try and tackle not only the main concern but also attack the rest of the car in order to bring it up as best possible within budget.

Being white, this showed up every single contaminant, so the clay bar process was absolutely vital in bringing out as much grime as possible from the paintwork—the pictures below show just how bad this was. Then the car was pulled into a garage to inspect the paint further under our specialist lighting. This showed a whole array of deep scratches, burn marks, swirls, marring and spider webbing. The challenge was set to do the best we could. Although it was not discussed, I decided to treat the customer to some wet sanding of some of the deeper scratches on the car. A tricky process that when done right can lead to a flawless finish. Dream Detail has the experience to carry this out perfectly.

Once the car was completed, it had been trough a number of processes such as, clay barring, foam pad polishing, wool pad polishing, wet sanding, refining, glass decontamination, glass cleaned inside and out, door shuts, tyres dressed, chrome polished and exhaust tip clean. It was a great car to work on and the customer was very happy with the results.


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wheel before rear quarter before fallout and non beading paintwork extreme fallout up close very bad fallout after claying after claying after claying extreme swirling only visible under high powered lighting deep scratches! close up of scratches corrected panel close up of scratches 50/50 during correction rear arch being wet sanded after polishing close up of 50/50 comparison after wet sanding and polishing wet sanding a deep scratch corrected completed drivers side completed car rear completed completed rear quarter