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The customer requested a full detail of both the interior and exterior of this 60 reg Audi A4 saloon. As you can see below, the interior in particular showed signs of general wear.

The interior was tackled first, which proved to be a straightforward job and was completed within two hours. Trim was treated and all soft fabrics and floor carpets were shampooed and then treated also.

The wheels on this car had the most signs of grime. Being a daily driver covering long distances on the motorway, the wheels required special attention. After a three step cleaning process and full decontamination, the wheels were then finished with a high temperature wheel wax to ensure ease of cleaning in the future.

Onto the bodywork, and after assessment a two step correction was carried out. The vehicle already had a Supagard protection layer, so this was removed fully before any polishing could commence.

The vehicle was finished in a protection layer suitable for the customers needs. With the car being driven daily, and given only irregular cleaning by the customer themselves, a long lasting totally synthetic coating was decided upon and applied.

With outstanding durability and shine, this car was now ready for the road again. The customer was given a briefing on how to maintain the car in future through correct wash techniques.


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Audi A4 interior - before detailing Audi A4 interior - after detailing Audi A4 wheel - before detailing Audi A4 wheel - after detailing Audi A4 - finished detailing Audi A4 - finished detailing closeup