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BMW Z4 detail

BMZ Z4 hero

This 2006 BMW Z4 has had a hard life, the bodywork and wheels are in desperate need of full correction.

Being a dog owner, the car had suffered from many paw scratches over the years. Combined with car park washing and lack of maintenance , this car was in very poor shape. We decided to spend the entire budget on the exterior only, focusing on removing these deep scratches.

Some areas of this car required more then just machine polishing. After a digital paint depth reading was taken, it was clear we had lots of room to play with and so stepped up the correction to wet sanding. As you can see this area was flatted correctly and then machined to achieve full correction of this particularly bad area. The rest of the bodywork responded well to our 3 step full machine polish.

Final finishing touches included a full detail of the wheels and exhaust system as on this car the rear silencer box could be seen from the rear side wheel arch and also the rear looking straight on. Given the life this car has, a full synthetic wax coating was applied and the customer opted for our maintenance package so we will return each month to wash the vehicle correctly and maintain the wax coating applied to prevent further damage to the bodywork surface.


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BMW Z4 scratches - before detailing BMW Z4 bonnet - after detailing BMW Z4 wheel - after detailing BMW Z4 rear closeup - after detailing BMW Z4 exhaust - after detailing BMW Z4 - after detailing