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Audi TT - 2 day project

Owning a black car can be hard work and many have heard the advice against buying one. Being such an unforgiving colour, black cars will show every single scratch and dirt appears worse when it neglected. This Audi TT is a classic case in point—being such a low sporty car, its been subject to every single bit of grime the roads can offer. This car had seen a hard life and Dream Detail took this project under its wings to turn it around and bring it back to glory.

The first thing with this project was to remove the wheels and take a closer look at what the car was like. As you can see from the pictures, the wheel arches were baked with grime, mud, grass and road tar. A full decontamination was under way and the wheels were given a multi stage clean. The suspension arms, coils, wheel arch liners and plastic trims were all cleaned too.

With the wheels back on, the car was then given a multi stage wash including full decontamination of the bodywork which included de-tarring and clay barring. Door shuts and boot shuts were also cleaned thoroughly.

Under our specialist lighting, you could clearly see the abuse the paint had been through which included everything from deep scratches to wash marks. Each panel had to be tackled individually and no 2 panels were addressed in the same way. Some panels required wet sanding in areas and some required wool pad compounding. Dream Detail also carries machines such as DA, rotary and forced DA. As you can see from the pictures below, the results were fantastic.

The car was in for two days, so the first day was spent getting as much compounding done as possible. Jobs like this you simply cant rush! Every possible care was taken to ensure each panel was a good as the last. After the first day, ¾ of the compounding was complete, not forgetting this also included the wheels and wash part of the detail.

The second day was spent finishing off the compounding, then going round the car again for its finish down and refinement parts of the correction. To finish, the exhaust, glass, door shuts and tyres were cleaned and sealed. The car was finished with a synthetic coating. The wet look was brought back to this car and the owner was delighted with the results.


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scratches galore