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Audi TT New Car Detail

Here we have another new car detail from a dealership that we work closely with on some of their new car sales. When a client requests something more than just the in-house valeter preparation, Dream Detail are called to assist. Every job is treated differently and every car is given the correct amount of time in order to prepare the car ready for its new owner. Here is the story of the Audi TT.

Dealerships are under immense pressure to prepare cars ready for sale and the demand is never higher than when new car registrations are launched. In-house valeters/valeting companies employed have a limited amount of time to wash, prepare and in some cases apply their own recommended paintwork sealant and then quickly get onto the next vehicle. Whilst for some customers the prep wash is sufficient, when it comes to the preparation and application of paintwork sealants, great care and time has to be taken in order to give the car the best possible chance of adhesion for the sealant and longevity.

The gallery pictures below show just how dirty the car was upon arrival and you can see how the transportation and outside storage of the car in the compound has already taken its toll on the car even before any miles have been put on it. One of the pictures shows a chemical that we use as part of our pre wash decontamination routine. This chemical sprays on clear and when it finds a piece of iron (generally called fallout) it turns purple and gently dissolves the content to allow easy and safe removal from the bodywork. You can clearly see on the picture that the car was absolutely covered in fallout and this would have gone unnoticed had the car just been given a wash.

The following pictures in the gallery show the scratches on the wing mirrors and more importantly the piano black coloured rear spoiler. You can also see the extent of the fallout and the roughness of the finish. This was also evident on the glass which was clay barred to removed. The car was given a machine polish and all traces of fallout and scratches were removed. The wheels especially were deep cleaned and then hand waxed with a high temp wax.

The car was finished with Nanolex’s glass sealant which would toughen the surface and make it more resilient to future grime and fallout. The interior was given the full protection system from G-Techniq on both the carpets, seats and leather.

This Audi took an entire day to complete and was now considered correctly prepped and sealed, ready for its new owner. If you are thinking of buying a new car, or even a used car, please contact Dream Detail for advice on how we can prep your car for you.


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