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Audi RS4

Here at Dream Detail, we love working on RS Audi’s and this is our latest offering. The bodywork of this car was a complete mess, with swirls and holograms galore and a dull flat paintwork that was in desperate need of attention. The owner of this car contacted us through a forum where he has seen some our previous work.

Excited by the prospect of what we could do, the car was booked in for a 2 day makeover and total renovation of the exterior. As you can see from the before pictures, the car was ready for a good polish. Firstly the car was given a multi-step decontamination process to remove all the road grime and foreign matter. Hailing from London, the car had a lot of grime, not only visible, but also on a much smaller scale, which was promptly removed with clay barring and chemical baths.

The first step of the polishing involved a heavy cut of the paintwork to remove the deeper scratches and level the paintwork as much as possible, staying within the realms of the limits of the thickness, which was previous measured using our ultrasonic depth guage.

The results were instantly noticeable on this car and the glorious metallic flake was already popping back into life. The first step of the polishing took the entire day using various machines from both Flex and Rupes to achieve our goals. Number plates were removed also.

The second day was spent refining the paintwork and getting a nice gloss/wet look, again using both machines from Flex and Rupes. The result speak for themselves and the car was finished with a glass coating to really seal in the finish.


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