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BMW 335D X-drive M Sport

BMW are famously known for their rear wheel drive cars. In the last ten years however, this has seen a shift with the introduction of an X-drive system. BMW launched this system on the X-models (X3 and X5) as a rival to the Audi’s Quattro system and Mercedes Xmatic system. In recent years the X-drive has been developed and refined to be offered on saloon and coupes. This is BMW’s latest offering in the 3 series range, the 335 diesel powered M performance X-drive Saloon.

The proud owner of this car was keen to get the car looking its absolute best shortly after purchase. After a consultation, it was clear that despite it beng in good overall condition it needed a 2 day detail in order to get it corrected. The owner was keen to hear about what protection offerings we had to offer and after a discussion about how much input the customer could make after the work had been done, we decided on Nanolex’s Ceramic protection system for both wheel and bodywork. Hailing from Germany, this product was perfect for the Bavarian beast!

As you can see from the pictures, the car was desperately in need of a wash even before the correction process could begin. The wheels were heavily contaminated and the bodywork was filthy in every corner and gap. A multiwash stage was carried out to gently remove all grime, tar, fallout and brake dust.

The car suffered from a number of wash marks, which is standard for a new car seen as its probably been down a long road already prior to collection. Please read the Audi RS6 New Car Detail for more information on this.

There was also a much deeper scratch on the passenger door, which during the correction process, had to be wet sanded out and flatted to fully remove it. A process which Dream Detail specialise in.

The finished results were fantastic and the car looked great with the Nanolex coating. On the 3rd day the car was taken outside as the customer was due to collect. It had rained and the car not only beaded up a treat, but as the weather cleared, the rain drops evaporated leaving no trace on the bodywork of water spotting, testament to how good the coating actually is.


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