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Audi RS6 Mauritius Blue Detail

This Audi RS is in the rare Mauritius Blue, much sort-after and a fantastic colour. This car had a detailing history and it was imperative that it was corrected with great care. Lacquer is only so thick and as you machine polish the car, you’re taking away some of that layer each time. The owner of this car cares for it with great attention so the history of who had detailed it before and what they’d used was researched to give a clear idea as to what we had ahead of us.

Paint thickness readings were carried out and luckily there was enough room for Dream Detail to perform a correction and bring the car back to revive that glorious colour. The first stage was to strip wash the car in order to remove any waxes or protection it was previously wearing. Then it was given a full decontamination process to get the paintwork as clean and dry as possible.

Under our specialist lighting, you could see there was great room for improvement so a 2 step machine polish was promptly carried out.

The owner was very keen to continue looking after the cars condition so a Hybrid wax coating was applied by hand after the work was complete. A tougher coating wold have proven difficult to remove should the car require any further machining work in the future. The car is kept garaged each night so a hybrid wax with great durability and shine was the perfect choice for the car and also the colour.

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