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Cirrus aircraft interior detail

After a recent exterior detail, we returned weeks later to give the Cirrus aircraft an interior detail. This 4 seat aircraft is in constant use so the inside was just as important as the outside. With many dials, buttons, gauges and screens, the instrument panel had to be dealt with care. Not only was this exercise good for aesthetics, but the screen needed to be glare/smear free as they obviously play a big part when the aircraft is in use. The glass had to be cleaned properly inside and out to ensure again a totally smear-free finish.

The seating was leather and thus required a very similar cleaning regime as if it were a car. The seats were then finished with a conditioner to keep them feeling supple. The carpets were taken out and shampooed separately and allowed to dry before placing back onto the floor. With intricate design and every space having a purpose, the interior wasn’t as straight forward as you’d expect. It required a lot of time and patience to get the cockpit looking just right.

After the interior, we decided to give the plane a quick valet on the outside to complete the job as since we last worked here, the aircraft had undergone some air miles and collected more grime. This simple exterior detail was thanks to the hybrid protection used and the plane was very easily brought back to its shining white again.

Now ready for the skies again, Dream Detail look forward to the ongoing maintenance of this very special aircraft.


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