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6 day boat detail

completed boat

Dream Details’ biggest project to date! This Princess boat had been unused for many months and after a severe winter, it was time to bring her back to life. Taken out of the water specifically for the detail and antifouling, this was an extreme job carried out recently on the south coast.

The customer had requested that everything be tackled, from exterior surfaces to a full interior detail. As you can see from the gallery pictures below, the boat gelcoat surface was looking very dull and tired. The common black streaks are a regular site for boat owners and this one had lots down both sides of the hull. We approached this boat like we would a car. Breaking down each task as a separate job and taking care with each stage to ensure the best possible results. This project was certainly not to be rushed and after an initial plan was set, 6 days were allocated to the detail.

The gelcoat was tackled first and much like a car, the surface was cleaned, decontaminated and machined polished, all using marine specific products. The results were fantastic and much like our recent aircraft detail, the deep gloss white colour was restored. The surface was then entirely hand finished with marine wax to ensure a thorough job, with regular quality control checks.

We then set to the upper decks and sundeck areas. Tackled in much the same way, with particular attention paid to the walkway areas and the textured surfaces which had lots of wear. These areas are in direct sunlight and open to the harsh elements.

Glass and chrome were then polished by machine and hand, removing pitting and fading. The rear decking platform was removed to gain access to not only the grimey underside, but enable us to pressure wash both sides of the platform. This attention to detail was then carried on over to the boat ropes. Mouldy and green, these were taken off the boat and pressure washed to restore the colour and make them easier to use without grime transfer to the boat owners hands. We then did the same for the rear canopy cover which had the same type of build-up.

Lastly, the interior was tackled. The leather seats were cleaned, as were the interior glass, blinds, kitchenette and the all important captain’s area. Much like a domestic clean, but with an eye for detail, we cleaned all living quarters, bathrooms and carpets.

After a walkaround quality check to ensure the job was completed to our standards, the boat was ready for the sea again and shortly after we finished, the customer had the pleasure of taking the boat away for the bank holiday.


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boat before detailing 50/50 of boat hull hull after polishing hull during polishing during polishing nice reflections being achieved portside during detailing sundeck area during detailing window area supersructure chrome being detailed window area and sills being polished chrome rear sliding doors before detailing machine polished door chrome decking area before detailing decking removed to reveal staining and mould underneath underside being cleaned wood pressure cleaned and replaced reflections on rear boat name area corner areas being detailed front room area after detailing bathroom being detailed kitchenette area detailed control area front room area couches after leather cleaning and protection seeming on canopy before detailing showng signs of mildew ropes being pressure washed completed boat