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Ferrari California 2 day detail

When launched, the California pushed the boundaries for Ferrari and has since become an instant classic as one of the best GT cars around. With a metal folding roof and a front mounted V8 engine, it really is the ultimate convertible for speed as well as looks. The owner of this black beauty contacted Dream Detail for a consultation to see what improvements could be made to the paintwork.

The owner was very happy with his car, but on sunny days the car did show some signs of swirling. Being black, it showed these more and it was of growing concern. Upon arrival, the keen eye could see that this was just the start of the problems. Under specialist lighting and direct sunlight the car was muddle of swirls, deep scratches, marring, burn marks and hazing. The dealership had previously detailed the car prior to the customers delivery, but these efforts had made the car only worse, by leaving burn marks from poor rotary polishing technique.

We decided on a 2 day detail to get the paintwork fully corrected. First of the car was given a strip wash to remove all traces of any waxes/sealents or coatings the dealership may have put on the car. Then the car was given a full decontamination of all fallout and tar. The same process was given to the wheels.

As you can see from the gallery below, the car under high powered lighting was covered in swirls. A 3 step machine polish was started, beginning with a heavy compounding to even the finish out. The remaining stages were to bring back the gloss and then refine to a mirror finish. The glass was also machined.

After 2 days, the car was looking its best again and the metallic flake really started to show under sunlight. Back in the garage and the flake disappeared and the extreme deep gloss was visible. The car had a lovely deep shine which was not only enhanced, but also protected thanks to Zaino’s Z2 Pro coating. The car is garaged regularly so the coating will definitely last longer than normal.


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