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BMW 750IL V12 detail

The BMW 750IL V12 is a beast of a car. Classic looks, stretched bodywork and a V12 engine to power it down the road effortlessly. This particular car is the finest example we’ve ever seen. Recently given a 3/4 respray at a local bodyshop and given an interior detail by us, the car was back again for a correction on the paintwork. The customer felt that the car was not finished properly by the garage and so got in contact for a booking.

Under closer inspection, it was clear that the bodywork could do with a machine polish. The car, despite being resprayed and rust free, it was covered in swirls and burns marks from where the bodyshop had given it a quick once over before it left the workshop. Clear room for improvement.

The car was given a full decontamination of the wheels, then the bodywork washed, clayed and de-tarred to give the best possible surface for machining. Care had to be taken on all leading edges, and the door trims were taped. As the machine polishing was the last area of the car to be detailed, it was a great chance to really pull out all the stops and get the bodywork as good as possible. The rear light clusters were original and full of swirls so these were treated to a machine polish too. The car was finished in Zaino Z2 with Zaino Z8 spray sealent. A great product leaving a great shine and really bringing out that colour.

As you can see from the pictures, even in direct natural sunlight, the car was not looking its best and after a 2 step polish, the results speak for themselves. It was a lovely car to work on and paint colour had a gorgeous light metallic flake which just popped out in the sun as the detail drew to a close. A great car and delight to work on.


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wheel and arches before lots of swirls! marring and burn marks in paint deeper scratches under lighting swirls in sunlight swirls under lighting light cluster before scratches in rear light cluster rear light after correction finished light scratches galore scratches starting to be removed finished panel step 1 of correction bonnet almost finished finished bonnet finished bonnet