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Jaguar XJ Executive detail

Jaguars have always been a sign of motoring prestige. This particular XJ Executive saloon is almost 14 years old now and wasn’t standing out from the crowd as it did when new. The customer contacted Dream Detail to see what we could do to bring this cat back to life.

Based in Kent, Dream Detail offered the customer a free of charge consultation in order to assess the paintwork and see how much scope we had for rejuvenation. The paintwork was healthy in terms of thickness and having never been detailed professionally before, it was a good foundation to improve on. The car had the usual light and deep scratches and lots of water etching on the boot, roof and bonnet areas. this was probably due to where the car was parked and after raining, the car was in direct sunlight for most of the day. Pictures of this are shown in the gallery below.

We settled on a 2 stage correction, paying lots of attention to the protection coating for the car to prevent future water staining and dullness. Given the cars location (dusty bridal path outside house) we also gave the customer an aftersales information sheet to advise and guide on how to maintain the car with a proper wash routine after the work had been done.

The deep gloss soon came back and the metallic flake looked great in direct sunlight. As the sun set, the deep shine took over and the synthetic sealant really came into play, adding even more depth. The car was put straight back under its custom made cover. Job complete and another happy Dream Detail customer!


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wheels before cleaning bonnet very dusty and dull in colour front end before detailing bad scratching on bonnet scratches up close wheel arch scratches after first stage of correction a-panel after correction nice reflections after correction door jam showing scratches on right door and corrected on left door water etching on boot lid wheel during cleaning exhaust tip before detailing exhaust after nice door reflections first stage of correction completed second stage correction second stage correction after synthetic sealent applied by hand back under its cover