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Modified Audi RS6

Audi RS6 hero image

This modified Audi RS6 hails from London. Constant street parking and daily use meant this car had more than the usual grime build up. Despite regular cleaning from the owner, which was great for the interior, the bodywork needed that professional touch to bring back the shine from the metallic black paintwork

The car was delivered to our Farnham studio and left for 2 days. Only the bodywork was to be detailed, to give the bodywork the best chance of being brought back form its current state.

After a full strip-wash to remove all grime, tar, fallout and wax product build up, the true condition of the bodywork was revealed. A bright sunny day was perfect to see the extent of the scratches within the laquer.

A full 3 stage polish was carried out with a final step of Zaino’s synthetic sealents applied by hand. The Zaino range was chosen to give the best possible durability and protection, which was needed for London street parking and daily use.

The results were fantastic and the customer was over-the-moon with the finish. The car came to us looking very muted in its colouration, and left looking better than new, with a deep gloss and the return of the beautiful metallic flake which was once buried.


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Audi RS6 - front before Audi RS6 - wheel before Audi RS6 - side before Audi RS6 - passenger door before Audi RS6 - rear quarter before Audi RS6 - boot lid before Audi RS6 - badgework before Audi RS6 - badgework after Audi RS6 - wing mirror after Audi RS6 - drivers side after Audi RS6 - front wing after Audi RS6 - bonnet after Audi RS6 - bonnet reflection after Audi RS6 - wheel and arch after Audi RS6 - bonnet after Audi RS6 - completed car