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650 BHP Audi RS4 Detail

This is one very special car. Modified by MRC tuning a few years back, it has recently been in storage and the signs of this were starting to show. The client removed the car from storage after concerns that the interior was showing evidence of mould in the interior.

After a consultation, we decided to give the car a 2 day detail, focusing on all aspects of the exterior and interior. Given the cars breed, and value, it was clear that this detail had to be thorough. After the work was completed, the owner was going to place the car back into storage. On this particular detail, we cleaned and re-fed the door rubbers so that they stayed supple and new throughout its storage. The exterior rubbers, and plastics were also protected with a natural dressing to prevent fading and keep them looking healthy.

The interior mould was tackled first, paying attention to every single area, including seat belts and rear seating area.Then the bodywork was given a 2 stage polish process. Although detailed before by someone else, not all scratches were removed and there was polish residue left on all panel gaps and door handles as seen in our pictures.

Finished with our synthetic sealent, and wheels waxed, the car was ready for storage again. The client was thrilled with the results and we enjoyed working on this amazing car!


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scratches missed from previous detail (not dream detail)