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Subaru Impreza detail

completed car

You’ll always notice a Subaru Impreza roaring down the road, and this particular scooby will be noticed even more now after Dream Detail had this car in for a bespoke detail recently. The owner of this car found us through the internet and was very keen to discuss what options he had available for his tired looking racer.

During a consultation at the customers house, we inspected the paintwork fully and using a combination of specialist lighting and ultra sonic paint depth guages, we were able to assess correctly and advise on what to do next. The customer had a very good wash routine already in place, using specialist products from Zaino. As the customer was familiar with this brand, we felt it was only right to offer a correction detail using more of the same brand and as we stock Zaino anyways for regular use on details, it was a perfect match.

One of the important steps with this particular detail was the preperation of the paintwork, namely the decontamination process. As a high performance car, with big brakes and a low stance, the wheels and bodywork were subjected to lots of brake dust build up and fallout. The wheels were given a 4 step decon clean and the bodywork was given a body safe chemical bath wash, then a full clay barring. This process couldnt be rushed and the results speak for itself in the close up shots.

When the bodywork was prepped, we then set to the machine polish steps. After a paint depth measurement for each panel was taken, we settled on a low removal rate polish and pad combination. The paint was reading low in some areas, so it was wise to keep removal under strict control. Once the car was complete, the bodywork was treated to 2 coats of Zaino sealent. The glass was also polished and treated with Zaino. As a final last step, a gloss enhancer was added to the finish, again from Zaino. The paintwork on this car was a joy to work with and as the light conditions changed throughout the day, both from our specialist lighting and natural daylight, the cars colour chaged dramtically from a nice bright silver to a deep glossy bronze.


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exhaust tip before car before detailing car ready for detailing close up before close up of rear before boot before rear quarter before petrol cap before petrol cap after during decontamination process showing clay bar removal under specialist lighting to show paintwork paintwork up close ultrasonic paint depth measuring of all panels paintwork during polishing process drivers door step 1 completed rear light cluster scratches in plastic light cluster scratches again during removal process of scratches completed light cluster exhaust tip after wheels clean and tyre ready for dressing light cluster after sealing rear quarter completed rear spolier area sealed rear passenger side completed spolier area up close first base layer of tyre dressing applied front completed bodywork gaps up close wing mirror plastics sealed bonnet completed second coat of sealent applied completed car up close completed completed car from rear front quarter completed rear quarter completed on passenger side cleaned and polished badgework area nice deep gloss achieved in varying light conditions another light changing angle