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The private aircraft project - Cirrus SR22

completed aircraft

This project had been discussed for some time with the owner, and recently we had the weather and aircraft available to carry out the work. This Cirrus SR22 aircraft seats 4 comfortably and has a cruising speed of 200mph thanks to a 310hp 6 cylinder engine.

The customer was concerned over the general condition of the plane and felt it was time to address as many areas as possible in order to bring the craft back to its former glory. A fantastic project and a chance for Dream Detail to take our passion for prestige and supercars and scale up to a much larger mode of transport.

Due to the scale of the project, it was best to break down the detail into as many smaller jobs as possible in order to have a clear method and regime of working. Firstly, we inspected the aircraft throughly to gain knowledge of the areas of concern and more importantly, areas that were considered ‘fragile’ during the wash stages, for example the antennas and aerials.

After the plane was free from grime, mud, streaks and contaminents, we could then inspect the surface and polish accordingly to remove not only the scratches, but also rejuvenate the dull, milky colour. This is similar to what you’d find on a boats surface after neglect and weathering.

After the polish stages were carried out, the plane was already looking much fresher and ready for its protection coatings. For this we decided on a hybrid wax from DODO Juice. This fantastic product combines the warmth and ease of application of a wax and also gives the durability of a synthetic product. The results were excellent and the craft was ready for final inspection. Rubber mouldings, door shuts, exhaust heat plates and various other smaller details were all cleaned and protected. The plane was given a final quality check and then handed back to the customer. The interior will follow in a seperate write up.


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Plane before Nose cone with water staining/etching wing close up before streaking before build up of grime runway mud severe grime and mud build up from underside underside wing part polished wing severe streaking from rubber mouldings part polished wing showing difference in colour after first stage of polishing 50/50 of side first side completed nice gloss achieved 50/50 of passenger side underside cleaned and prepped ready for wax glossy wing after waxing wing after waxing sun comes out just in time to inspect work finished wing completed side graphics during wax stage completed aircraft