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VW Golf GTD detail

VW Golf GTD hero image

This daily driver was new to the customer, but had a previously hard life and showed signs of wear and tear.

After a full inpspection of the vehicle, it was clear that a full correction was needed. The customer opted for our two day detail, which also included the interior.

A smart repair had been carried out on the drivers rear arch, and so evidence of wetsanding marks were present. These were polished out fully. After 2 days of correction, the car was finished with Zaino’s Z5, clear seal and gloss enhancer coatings.

The car was detailied at Zaino Europe’s detailing bay with custom metal halide lighting.


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Golf GTD - wheel before detailing Golf GTD - exhaust before Golf GTD - sill before Golf GTD - snow foam pre-wash Golf GTD - exhaust after Golf GTD - rear quarter after Golf GTD - rear spolier after Golf GTD - front wheel after Golf GTD - dream detail reflection shot