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Land Rover

In Surrey, Land Rovers are an all too familiar sight. Capable of all terrains and the perfect all round vehicle for many tasks, the Land Rover is a true workhorse. Due to this nature, We find that a lot of these cars are often neglected and due to their size, they are a bigger task to clean than your average family saloon. They truly look stunning in the showroom but they don’t often stay like that for long.

The owner of this particular vehicle has just that problem. Not being the first owner of the car, the vehicle had a history of cleaning, or lack of it. The owner leads a busy work schedule and whilst the car performs in exactly the way he wants it too, the overall appearance of the vehicle was letting it down so he contacted Dream Detail.

Apart from the usual wear and tear and grime, the car had an equally dirty interior, notably the drivers bolster area was fading and the leather colour had gone. The car was booked in for a 2 day detail to tackle both the outside and the inside. The customer opted for a glass coating protection system as the durability and ease of cleaning fell in line with the customers busy lifestyle and demands.

The first day was spent decontaminating the outside and fully detailing the interior. The 1st step of the machinjng was also started and then finished on the second day. The leather was then repaired with an exact colour match to the original seat.

Due to the size and ride height of the car, areas of concern for anyone detailing these cars are: the backs of the wheels (cleaned on all details booked with us) the wheel arch liners, the exhaust pipes (which can be seen when ride height is set high) and the side sills. These have a matt aluminium finish with a rubber insert and can be tough to get right. Dream Detail has the correct procedures to tackle this and make them look as good as new, which comes from years of experience with working with these vehicles.


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