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Audi S5 2 day detail

White cars can be very deceiving. They Appear to be bright and clean when washed but its takes a keen eye and specialist lightning to see the real story. Using engineers’ lights or brighter can almost work to your disadvantage as they can ‘bleach’ the colour so that you get lots of reflection and not see the finer scratches.

This nearly new Audi S5 belonged to an owner of a roofing company and spent all day parked outside his unit where metal work and building materials were in constant use. This air born industrial dust sits on the car and stays there and coupled with a lack of a regular wash routine, this car was particularly bad. The surface was rough to the touch and had a certain dullness to it. If this was a black car the extent of the condition was be very obvious. The lacquer would still be the same, but as this is a white car the damage could easily have been overlooked.

After collecting the car for the client, it was taken back to the unit for a full multi-stage wash process to remove as much fallout as possible. This limited the amount of marring that could possibly be caused by using an aggressive clay bar. The car was then taken inside to be inspected further prior to a 3 stage correction.

After completion, the car was given an interior detail and engine bay clean. A super tough coating was applied by hand. As you can see from the gallery pictures, this white car was given the glossy finish it deserved and now it had depth and shine just like a darker coloured car would have. The car was driven back to the customer, all part of the Dream Detail service.


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