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Lotus Elise SC

The Lotus Elise is a future classic for sure. Low stance, mid engine and fantastic chassis make this not only a great car for the open roads, but an absolute beast on the track. This particular car is the supercharged version boasting 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds.

This car is used as a daily driver and kept outside under some trees so it had lots of signs of weathering. The wheels were caked with brake dust and the roof was suffering too. The bodywork, given the low stance was scratched all over and the rear diffuser was badly coated in tar, staining and pitting.

After a consultation with the owner, we decided to focus on the outside as much as possible as this was the first line of attack from the elements and given the upcoming winter, it was clear that the bodywork needed a good protection system in place too.

The wheels were given a 4 stage deep clean and the the bodywork was given a mutli stage wash to remove as much grime as possible. To further enhance the cleaning process, the rear diffuser and rear spoiler were removed to gain better access for cleaning, polishing and protecting.

The bodywork itself was badly scratched and so a 2 stage correction was carried out. Being a fibreglass body, care had to be taken when removing scratches as the heat transfer would be different to that of a standard steel body. Due to the cars design, the bodywork has many curves, crevices and tight spaces form which scratches can hide and polishing them would be tough. Dream Detail carry a number of specialist tools, adapters and pad sizes to cater for all these eventualities.

The car was finished in a tough ceramic coating, ensuring that the polished finished was protected as much as possible for the winter months ahead.


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