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Citroen DS23 3 day detail

The 1973 Citroen DS 23 Pallas is a formidable car. Packed full of ingenuity and class, it really was an instant classic. From the hydraulic suspension to the simple gear change lever, the Citroen DS is a thing of beauty!

This particular car had been rebuilt recently from the chasis up and thus made a great foundation to work upon. The car had also been given a fresh coat of paint which was chosen from an early jaguar palette, yet complimented the car and its red interior perfectly. The final touch from the build came from a fully waxoyled undercarriage and wheel arch area. The car was set up just right for the client and now it was the turn of Dream Detail to take charge and give the car its final going over.

The client was keen to get the paintwork as good as possible and seeing it as fresh paint, it had lots of room for potential. During the waxoyling process, the car had suffered from various spots of overspray. visible areas such as outer sills, petrol cap and panel gaps were simply not needed to be protected from the heavy waxy substance.

The interior was already to a standard as the owner liked to keep the car clean but areas such as the leather and the carpets had lots of room for improvement. Due to the age of the car, the engine bay was regularly worked upon so showed signs of every day grime, and heavier deposits from oil splatter etc. The car was a daily driver so the owner wanted to get the car as good as possible so that future cleaning was alot quicker and easier. A 3 day detail was booked and work was carried out whilst the customer was out of the country.

This car demanded the utmost care whilst working. The rear quarter panels could be removed to gain better access for the wheels, but again care had to be taken as paintwork could easily have been chipped if not careful. Alot of the car was original, including the wiring so attention to detail was key and the job could not be carried out at the same as pace as we’d normally expect on a more modern day car.

It was a sheer delight to work on this car and some great feedback was received from the client when he came to collect the car upon his return to the UK.


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