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Porsche Boxster S 3.2L

finished car

Part of owning a high performance car is taking your pride and joy for long drives on a Sunday. This client had done a fair few more miles than that. Fresh back from LeMans, the owner contacted Dream Detail to get the car back to glory after a long weekend of abuse on the open roads.

As you can see, the car was covered in mud and the wheels were subject to many miles of driving. The bodywork was actually in good shape but could definitely benefit from a enhancement correction. The interior was in good physical shape, but again could clearly do with a deep clean. It was good timing to, to get the hood deep cleaned and reproofed. Dream Detail offered the customer a full going through of the car and to get each and every aspect looking as good as possible within budget.

For this detail, it was required to raise the car on high lift jacks so that access was possible to the suspension and inner wheel arch. The deep cleaning began! All shuts were cleaned and the car was washed, then clayed ready for machine correction.The wheels were fully decontaminated and then waxed to protect them in the future.

The bodywork was given a 1 step correction then sealed with Zaino’s Z2 Pro sealent. The hood was reproofed and the interior was deep cleaned. The leather was then protected with Zaino’s leather conditioner. The bonnet inner plastics were cleaned and treated, which really finished the car off.

This was a great little project for Dream Detail, a good turnaround and a great result to which the customer was thrilled with. The LeMans sticker was left at the customers request to remind him of a great weekend!


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very dirty wheel arches! car before hood before inner arch areas being cleaned fallout remover acting fast on the tough to remove grime scratches under lighting scratches starting to be removed interior completed rubbers and plastic cleaned and treated finished car