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Maserati 3200GT 5 day detail

Italian sports cars have always been desirable and Maserati are right up there with the best of them. This 3200GT was once owned by the UK sales director of Maserati (imported by Maranello)and was now in the ownership of my client. In LHD and the classic Blu Nettuno colour, this car was special indeed.

The customer was very concerned over the general appearance of the paintwork and given the non metallic finish, scratches were clearly seen and the finish looked quite dull. During the consultation, the customer also drew attention to the engine bay. The car has a thunderous Bi-Turbo V8 with 370bhp and the cleanliness needed to reflect this, so we decided on a full engine detail too. The interior was in good shape. but being cream leather and tan carpets, the dirt was starting to show in areas of high use such as the seat bolsters and floor mats.

It was clear the car needed the maximum amount of time spent on it to get every aspect looking its best so a 5 day detail was booked. The customer pointed out that the wheels were starting to suffer too. Dream Detail also offer wheel refurbishment so considering the length of the detail booked, we had time to get the car onto stands and get the wheels off for a full refurbishment.

As the project started, a clear plan of action had to be constructed in order to not only make sure all areas discussed were tackled, but also to ensure the job was finished on time. Day 1 was dedicated to the wash stages, wheels removal, wheel arch clean/decontaminate and start of engine bay.

day 2 was spent finishing engine bay area, then the interior was started. Areas such as door rubbers, door felt strips, pedals, chrome and door shuts were given special attention. Day 3 was spent finishing the interior, then the glass was polished and cleaned. Smaller jobs such as wheel arch dressing, brake caliper polishing, rear exhaust boxes and tips were also carried out.

Day 4 and 5 was spent purely on bodywork and the finish finish. It was a very challenging paint surface to work on, with many deep scratches, wash marks and ultra swirling. The car had previously been painted on certain panels, so getting an even balance in finish was crucial.

As a special treat for the customer, his Maserati car key was given a detail too! The chrome key fob was looking worn so the exact paint was sourced and very meticulously, the fob was retouched and polished to bring it back to glory. The key itself was cleaned and polished to remove grime. A small effort for a great finishing touch on this wonderful car and a client who was an absolute pleasure to work for.


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