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Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale LHD

When it comes to cars designed and produced with passion, Ferrari definitely lead the way. The 360 Challenge Stradale replaced the F355 and was later itself replaced by the F430. All new aluminium chassis, track tuned and lighter than the 355, the 360 was a very focused car and even borrowed parts from the Enzo such as the brakes. The limited run of Challenge Stradale’s make them a very desirable car and this LHD version is even rarer.

The owner of this car hadn’t had it long and wanted to see what improvements could be made to the bodywork with some focus on the interior and engine bay too. Despite being very low mileage, the car had been stored for a number of years and then transported to its new home. Both storage and transportation are very difficult to get exactly right with cars and in this case, both had left there evidence on the car. Dirty marks on the interior, strap marks from transportation and wash marks were all here and so the car was perfectly ready for a Dream Detail before being handed over to the customer.

After an initial decon wash and prep, the car was taken inside to be inspected under our specialist lighting. The car was riddled with marks which may have gone previously unnoticed had the light not been on them. Dream Detail only correct under this lighting which ensures a better understanding of what any car is hiding but also ensure that our work is carried out to very exacting standards.

The car was booked for a 2 day detail. The interior was engine bay was tackled first as both these areas require leaning over the car which you wouldn’t want to do after the car had been polished. The engine cover struts were removed to allow full access to the polishing of the rear screen. Simply spraying a glass cleaner and trying to work in the gaps wasn’t sufficient.

The car was hen given a 2 stage polish and then finished with a hand wax. The car was going back into storage until the summer so a hybrid wax was perfect to give good gloss and protection and enabled top ups easily if need be.


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