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Jaguar Sovereign 4.2L

Another classic Jaguar from Dream Detail and this one was a real beauty. Owned by a very good client of ours, this is used as a daily driver. The whole car was in a great shape but needed that professional touch to bring the best out of both the paintwork and interior. Jobs like this are a really good chance to show exactly what Dream Detail can do and how it can benefit your car.

After a deep clean of the paintwork, the true finish was revealed. Various lights wash marks were present and some deeper scratches on the boot lid. The wheels had recently been refurbished so they only required a 2 stage clean.

The majority of the time spent on this detail was on the interior. Due to the age and styling the interior was covered in various materials such as leather, wood, vinyl, plastic and chrome. Each material was tackled individually and alot of time was spent ensuring that each finish was natural and clean. The vinyl dashboard was treated with a feed to ensure that it stayed supple as sunlight and the upcoming colder weather could mean it may crack.

The seats were deep cleaned and then treated with a natural feed to help keep them supple. At some point in their life, they had been conolised, so extra care had to be taken in order to not remove the fragile surfaces.

The bodywork was given a one stage polish to bring back the gloss and then sealed with a hard wearing paste wax. This finish enables the customer to reapply the protection as and when the car was given a wash. The engine bay was also attended to and given a light clean.


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